What is the Influence of hip hop on fashion?

Hip hop fashion has influenced people throughout the world. Hip hop is mainly used to describe music culture. Anyhow, hip hop is not only related to music or dance; it’s a way to live and to show the world you are different but stylish among others.

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Hip hop is one of the biggest street arts that began in the 1970s. With time, many changes occur in hip hop fashion. From the 1970s to 2020 you will see a variety of changes within fashion and how this fashion influenced the people, especially youth.

Changes in fashion are not limited to one state; people from the world coming you with new fashion trends that are getting popular, especially from the last few years.

Hip hop becomes a lifestyle that is not only associated with African-Americans, but it is associated with the people throughout the world.

Men hip-hop fashion

When we look at the men hip hop fashion, it looks like a mixture of casual clothes to remix of classic menswear. They look stunning when they add some of their touch in this dressing. In other words, it is a great way to mix their cutler and fashion and represent it in one dress.

Hip hop born 50 years ago but its fashion is still growing and having a great impact on people all over theworld. Hip hop tastemakers like Jay-Z and Sean Combs adopted a more tailored look that was later carried out by other celebrities and gave success to this fashion.

The 80s hip hop fashion

When we look back in the 80s at that time, men like to wear Gold chains; there was also a trend to wear the Gold plated chain. You would be surprised to know that at that time Run-DMC wore sneakers without laces, along with black jeans and leather jackets, glasses, and gold chains. Just imagine that time it was one of the top-trending fashion.

The 90s hip hop fashion

The 80s is known as men hip hop fashion while the 90s are known as female hip hop fashion. It was a great time to wear big earrings, colorful dresses and asymmetric haircut gave a great motivation to female hip-hop fashion.

2000 to till now fashion

The 90s was a great start for colorful hip-hop fashion. In the 2000 people that were involved in the music industry, they started to label their name on cloth brands.

At the start of 2010, many brands started to design hip hop cloth and got appreciation throughout the world.


Hip hop started getting appreciation in the first decade of its begging and had a great influence on fashion. But still, it is getting popular day by day. We hope to get some new changes in the hip hope cutler in the upcoming days.

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