History of hip hop jewelry, when men started to wear hip hop jewelry

Change is a part of life. From food, fashion, lifestyle, everything has been changing with the passage of time. In history, Jewelry is one of the symbols for Africans to show their wealth and success. When we talk about famous Jewelry without hip hop fashion which is incomplete. Hip hop Jewelry trend starts from the hip hop rock stars, and this trend got so much fame from state to state. The history of hip hop jewelry is long-standing, until now, it has experienced 50 years. The original element of the hip hop jewelry goes to DJ which is famous for street and dance art. You often see those wearing long chains, four-finger rings, and mouth Jewelry.

The history of hip hop Jewelry

The history of hip hop Jewelry could date back to the 70s. The trend was basically started in the 1970s by DJ Kool he starts to wear Jewelry at parties. After that, many rappers started to wear gold chains in the upcoming days. Then Kurtis added the gold jewelry on his album cover and got a huge appreciation from the people.

In the mid of 1980s, hip hop fashion was on its peak and many famous names like Eric B. & Rakim added more into the trend. In the beginning, chain length was short and later it turns into a long chain, and now a chain with a locket is most commonly used among hip-hop rappers.

When we talk about the hip-hop ring fashion, the credit goes to LL Cool J, it was a great creation by LL Cool who started to wear four-finger rings; After the creation of the ring, Biz Markie takes it into the next level by use of Diamond in it.

1990-2000 trends in hip hop

In the early 90s, the hip-hop trend started to grow, and the solo artist decide to work together, they started to establish companies. Jewelry becomes a part of business and marketing.

In the 90s, hip-hop becomes a genre as successful artists start spending all their money in the form of gold Jewelry. This decade is one of the successful industry decades in history.

2000- Present 

Hip-hop started to get more fame when the rappers start working together. After the gold chain, it was the era in which they started to wear diamond chains and Jewelry. We could call it bling-bling jewelry.

In later 2010, fashion changes into Jesus pendants. They started to wear long chains along with a unique pendant. The diamond stud was another creation in the later 2010.

A lot of changes occur from the 70s to 2020, but Jewelry is the base of the hip hop and rap industry. We are hoping to see some new changes in the upcoming years.

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