Helloice Cross Pendants Customer Reviews

Helloice focus on hip hop pendants for men, do you have query about helloice pendants? Today we will show the customers reviews about helloice cross pendants for you, they have the real shopping experience on helloice, you could refer to these.

Iced Ankh Ouroboros Cross in Gold customer reviews

Helloice Iced Ankh Ouroboros Cross in Gold

  1. GREAT BUY!!! Lifetime Jewelry is true their word, this crucifix and necklace look and feel terrific.
  2. Nice gold cross charm. It as if I get compliments on it every time I ware it. Never faded either.I have had it for some months now and I wear it almost every day and sometimes forget to take off so have it on for a few days at a time.
  3. This is an excellent pendent I work in a shop and sweat a lot and it’s hot looks like new and I will continue to wear it every day. Thanks for the quality at a fair price.

18K Gold Stainless Steel Cross Pendant customer reviews

Helloice 18K Gold Stainless Steel Cross Pendant

  1. I found this cross after my son asked me for a cross necklace for his birthday. This cross is a quality piece, it looks great and it’s well-made.
  2. So I absolutely love this necklace! I bought it for my husband and it Fits him Perfectly! It is just perfect and amazing Quality for the Price. I highly recommend you Buy this! You will not Be Dissatisfied by Far I Promise!
  3. It is seriously such great quality. I was going to purchase a nicer more expensive one later on but that will not be necessary as this one looks so nice. 100% recommend for yourself or for gifting.

Iced Cross&Ankh Pendant Set in Gold

Helloice Iced Cross&Ankh Pendant Set in Gold

  1. I liked that it looked exactly like the picture. And it came with a extra chain.
  2. Look very iced out haven’t bought one yet so I can’t review properly so I’m only giving it a 5 star is because they look amazing defo getting one or more in the future
  3. Good quality cross with the chain overall great chain I did buy another chain with it which was 5mm rope chain and it didn’t fit into the chain loop which I found quite annoying but overall great I recommend buying this if your looking for something cheap but good quality

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