What Kind of Music do You Like?

I think you must have heard this passage. “What kind of music a person listens to has something to do with his personality.” Wait, what I’m trying to say is. That’s fine if you agree with that statement. And if you don’t. Let’s explore it patiently. If this theory were true, it would be a crude interpretation: Introverts prefer soft songs; More extroverts prefer songs with a more upbeat rhythm. I wonder what kind of song will be your favorite? Maybe you could leave a comment at the end, and we can talk about it.

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What Does A Butterfly Jewelry Piece Mean?  

These days I have received one gift from my mom. She told me the delightful Christmas is coming soon. Everything will be ok. Whatever the life or the current environment. And this is a gift for me. When I opened the box, I saw a butterfly necklace lying in this tiny box. It is so cute as well as elegant. “she must hope that I could be that lucky one” I thought. Then I type butterfly jewelry into the search box. I just felt I loved her so much. Cause butterfly has so many deep meanings. Of course good aspect. Now I’m going to record this beautiful moment. I hope you enjoy it, too.  


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