What Is Hip Hop Fashion? Which Jewelry Is Included In Hip Hop?

Hip-hop is a culture that influenced people throughout the world. It represents a different style of fashion by African-American people that started to show their wealth, success and prove they are not inferior. Hip-hop started in the 1970s, and till 2020, many changes occurred in hip-hop fashion. 

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The relationship of hip-hop with the world is very interesting; it was something that arises from the street and dominates the fashion industry. In the 1970s, it was one of the unique fashions; furthermore, B-boys helped to grow this culture and made a part of fashion through their break-dance.

At that time artists start wearing chains, tracksuits, and unique style hats, they also start including other unique things that helped them to get fame. And the side, these things help to enhance the popularity of hip-hop fashion.

Anyhow, as time passes, the hip-hop culture started to grow and started to show their African culture. Later in the 90s, it started to grow with the designers. Many artists started to hire designers for their special dresses. On the other side, the trend of jewelry started to change. The short-chain turned into a long one. Hip-hop fashion also introduced a new fashion that was ringing in four-fingers. Use of long and enhanced earrings, and later they start using mouth jewelry. The use of jewelry becomes a trend to show their success and wealth.

When we talk about today hip-hop fashion, we cannot neglect the designers, they have a great contribution to design the dresses and in choosing the right and unique jewelry.

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What is the Influence of hip hop on fashion?

Hip hop fashion has influenced people throughout the world. Hip hop is mainly used to describe music culture. Anyhow, hip hop is not only related to music or dance; it’s a way to live and to show the world you are different but stylish among others.

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Hip hop is one of the biggest street arts that began in the 1970s. With time, many changes occur in hip hop fashion. From the 1970s to 2020 you will see a variety of changes within fashion and how this fashion influenced the people, especially youth.

Changes in fashion are not limited to one state; people from the world coming you with new fashion trends that are getting popular, especially from the last few years.

Hip hop becomes a lifestyle that is not only associated with African-Americans, but it is associated with the people throughout the world.

Men hip-hop fashion

When we look at the men hip hop fashion, it looks like a mixture of casual clothes to remix of classic menswear. They look stunning when they add some of their touch in this dressing. In other words, it is a great way to mix their cutler and fashion and represent it in one dress.

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History of hip hop jewelry, when men started to wear hip hop jewelry

Change is a part of life. From food, fashion, lifestyle, everything has been changing with the passage of time. In history, Jewelry is one of the symbols for Africans to show their wealth and success. When we talk about famous Jewelry without hip hop fashion which is incomplete. Hip hop Jewelry trend starts from the hip hop rock stars, and this trend got so much fame from state to state. The history of hip hop jewelry is long-standing, until now, it has experienced 50 years. The original element of the hip hop jewelry goes to DJ which is famous for street and dance art. You often see those wearing long chains, four-finger rings, and mouth Jewelry.

The history of hip hop Jewelry

The history of hip hop Jewelry could date back to the 70s. The trend was basically started in the 1970s by DJ Kool he starts to wear Jewelry at parties. After that, many rappers started to wear gold chains in the upcoming days. Then Kurtis added the gold jewelry on his album cover and got a huge appreciation from the people.

In the mid of 1980s, hip hop fashion was on its peak and many famous names like Eric B. & Rakim added more into the trend. In the beginning, chain length was short and later it turns into a long chain, and now a chain with a locket is most commonly used among hip-hop rappers.

When we talk about the hip-hop ring fashion, the credit goes to LL Cool J, it was a great creation by LL Cool who started to wear four-finger rings; After the creation of the ring, Biz Markie takes it into the next level by use of Diamond in it.

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