Top hip hop trends in 2021

Hip-hop is a trending topic that is being discussed in the last 50 years. Rappers like to wear different pieces of jewelry (chain, rings, watch, mouth jewelry, and studs/ earrings) to show their wealth and success; their music is made up of some exclusive beats. Changes are going to be occurring in 2021, and you will be able to see a big change this year.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail what top hip-hop jewelry trends will be in 2021.

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Hip hop jewelry trend

The use of jewelry is one of the best ways to level up your outfit. Even if you do not like to go with fashion, you can simply use this jewelry along with your casual outfit. You need to simply follow the 2021 jewelry trends that can give you an ideal and fresh look in the whole year.

In this blog, we are going to share the top 3 jewelry trends in 2020 that you can adopt.

Use of gold jewelry trend in 2021

You will be well aware of the 90s and 2021 trend, rappers used to wear Stainless steel or nickel or titanium chain and they started to wear pendants along long gold chains in late 2010. Now, this trending keeps going on, and more rappers pay more attention to the material of jewelry. No matter what you are going to wear, everything will be in silver or gold like chains, bracelets, studs, rings, and many more. 2021 is going to be different for the hip hop fashion industry.

Single Earring and pumped up hooks trend in 2021

Hip hop is not only limited to men, but women also like to adopt the fashion. 90s was famous for the big stud or Earring, but now it’s time to change the trend. The use of a large-size hoop will lead you to the next level. 2021 is going to be oversized jewelry, so you are going to see a big change in the fashion industry. The earrings will be larger than the 90s fashion and probably all rappers will be wearing silver or gold as we mentioned above, 2021 is going to be remembered as a silver or gold time for the hip hop industry.

Chain-link necklace trend in 2021

In my view, a rapper looks incomplete without wearing a chain. If you are a chain lover, then there is good news for you. The chain trend is going to be changed in 2021. Hip-hop fashion is going to introduce chain links fashion in the upcoming months. In the past, you have seen short and long chains or chains along with pendants. But now the trend is going to convert into oversized chains along with another chain. Yes, this time the chain will be more solid, oversized, and long or in simple words, rappers are going to wear two layered chains. Let’s see how people respond to this fashion. But for sure, this trend is going to be hit like previous hip-hop jewelry fashions.

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