Chain, Necklace and Bracelet Trends for Men 

It is difficult for men to choose fashionable products to wear, especially when they are going to choose a necklace for themselves. But by choosing a charming and delicate necklace, you can look stylish and gorgeous.

Necklace for men

Men’s necklace differs from women. Women can wear a necklace of any color with diamond stone or with any bead color. On the other side, men can wear just a single layer of necklace with a decent style by wearing he can look stylish. In short, men’s necklace should be simple, not overwhelming.

You will get a variety of necklaces, but for men, the jewelry should be fine and good-looking; men’s necklace should not look over or similar to females.

Most of the men just look stunning and stylish, have you noticed initially we focus on their necklace first? we gave them an overall appreciation look and then will focus on their jewelry. The reason is they have chosen the right jewelry, which is a clear reflection of their personality.

What should be the length of a necklace?

  • An average length of a necklace fall between 18 to 20 inches. This length falls under the first button of the shirt.
  • If you are wearing a cross necklace, then a common length falls under 22 inches.
  • If you want to wear a chain outside a shirt with a dog tag or cross pendant it will fall under 24 inches.


There are many types of chains, but we have chosen the best among them that will help you to choose the right chain.

Cuban chain– this chain consists of a serious of the loop that makes the chain thick and more beautiful. People with a short height can also use this chain to look more stylish. You can choose the color and length of this chain according to your choice. 

Franco chain– you can get this chain from 10k to 18k with both white and yellow gold. Links are connected with each other, and this chain is comfortable to wear due to its texture. This chain is like a total length of 26 inches.

Rope chainthis chain is one of my favorites due to their diamond cut, and they are long-lasting. The structure of the chain is eye-catchy and, for sure, will give you a pleasant look.

Tennis chain– are you interested in getting a chain that is linked with tiny diamond and looks glimmering? Then the tennis chain is one of the best options for you. 


The style of bracelet and color depends on a person’s choice. With a thin wrist, it is better to wear a slim and decent bracelet that will make your wrist more stylish. You can choose the color and metal according to your choice by keeping in your budget. We are providing a list of bracelet styles that will help you to choose an accurate bracelet for yourself:

  • Tennis bracelet
  • Franco bracelet
  • Miami bracelet
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Figaro style bracelet
  • Rolo bracelet
  • Cuban bracelet
  • Beaded bracelet
  • Two-tone bracelet

Choose a bracelet that gave you a stylish look.

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