There is No Gender for Hip-hop Jewelry

Have you paid attention to the 2023 Coachella Music Festival that just passed? I love it! Especially the Blackpink group. They are always stunning, whether it is through the live effect, their strength, or even their makeup. They are women full of power and charm, no matter whether on stage or in real life, they are all fascinating. I also pay attention to some of the jewelry they wear. Lisa is my favorite because she is outstanding, she shines on stage but is cute offstage, I really like her, and I even noticed that she often wears some hip-hop jewelry, which makes me feel closer to her.

Is hip-hop jewelry designed for men?

The answer is no. Jewelry is a work of art created by designers incorporating their inspiration. Jewelry is meant to be decorative, to help people express themselves, and even more life-like as you can understand — a gift. Therefore, jewelry itself does not have gender. Maybe you think that hip-hop jewelry doesn’t look feminine, but that doesn’t stop everyone from liking them. Luckily, more and more people are seeing hip-hop jewelry and choosing them for both men and women.

Why you should own some iced-out jewelry?

This question sounds indicative, so you don’t need to be swayed by it. But I do love the shiny jewelry. On the one hand, the sense of contrast is something I prefer. Maybe I’m a soft-looking person, but these cool necklaces will neutralize some of the softness and give people the right feeling. On the other hand, the design is also very worthy of liking. Sometimes I don’t have that much time for my look, but a few rings and Cuban chains add chic touches to my outfits. This is my style, so it’s only natural that I like it. Finally, I also like hip-hop music and K-pop. It is a surprise to see my idol wearing this jewelry which I like too.

Helloice Iced Hand-painted Enamel Eye of Horus Ankh Pendant
Helloice Iced Hand-painted Enamel Eye of Horus Ankh Pendant

Does it too expensive to afford?

Just like other commodities, its price is also uneven. You can choose the one that suits you according to your budget. However, from my experience, you don’t need to buy a particularly expensive one, and the expensive one is not necessarily the best. As the saying goes, the one that suits you is the best. If you are starting to like hip-hop jewelry, you could buy some medium-priced and good-quality ones because their designs are attractive, and you could not help to buy more, so you can try it first and find your style. Then decide whether to purchase the particularly expensive one.

 Initial Letter Iced Prong Cuban Chain in Gold
Initial Letter Iced Prong Cuban Chain in Gold

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