A few Subtle Fanciable Places to Wear Jewelry

It is a funny topic cause we have different standards for sexy, and as usual, people are more likely to wear jewelry on their neck, nose, mouth, and ankles. But I have noticed another fanciable place to wear jewelry. As you know, sometimes being attractive is not a specific entity but a feeling. These places could help you increase your charm.

On your collarbone

Most of us wear chain links on our neck but not on the collarbone, maybe cause it is called a necklace? Just kidding. But if you are tempted to try some different, try the short chain necklace and let the chains stay on your collarbone. And 20 inches is located in your collarbone. The collarbone has an artistic beauty familiar to sculpture. Maybe it is because of the raised bone traits or the complementary from jewelry. Just try it and you will know it.

Don’t forget to wear it on the wrist

The wrist is another place that I liked. And I think about it a lot about why the wrist looks sexy. For one thing, the wrist is slender, at least compared with the other body parts. For another, your hands are wider than the wrist, which makes your wrist more slender, and you could even find your blood vessel. But there is a need to notice, if your wrist is skinny, increasing the number of bracelets is a nice option.

Your knuckle is also sexy

When it comes to rings, I have to remind you that a ring is not only the symbol of love, it is more likely an attitude toward life. Wearing rings on their knuckles is more and more popular, no exception for myself, maybe cause it makes me feel joyful when my fingers moved. And it has no limitation on gender or style. Everyone could be a cool guy.

In the end

Do you have any interesting thoughts about it?

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