Why Men Should Do Sunscreen Work

“Men don’t put on sunscreen”

As boys, there are many times when we can not help but impose some rigid requirements on ourselves. For example, no matter how big the sun is, we basically do not try to use sunscreen. We might try to use an umbrella, but for the matter of applying sunscreen, it seems that it is only on the beach. The wife offered to “put on some sunscreen.” We’ll do it. If we have to do the sunscreen work, we prefer to choose physical sunscreen, because it will make us look masculine. But man, we don’t need to be so tough, because not everyone can directly receive ultraviolet rays, so wearing sunscreen will not weaken our masculinity. After all, masculinity depends more on sex the brain, and the ability to deal with problems, isn’t it?

Physical sun protection is also effective

It all started when we went boating, and, interestingly, people who have girlfriends or wives do an excellent job of protecting themselves from the sun. Some opt for physical sun protection, such as sun hats, sunscreen clothing, and even neck protection from UV rays; Others choose to wear some sun protection plus physical protection. But the glorious bachelors, without exception, chose not to do anything. So eventually after a few hours of outdoor activities, their skin was visibly attacked by ultraviolet rays. Some were sunburnt purple, and some had some symptoms of sunburn. Hence, we found a place to rest and stopped the activity.

Don’t wear jewelry when sweating

An interesting thing happened during the period because we don’t use sunscreen frequently, so we questioned its ingredients. Our tangled point is whether the sunscreen mixed with sweat will corrode our necklace. Three of them think that there is no doubt about it because the material of some chains is actually just sweat, which will damage the jewelry to varying degrees, so it is best not to wear them, and when doing water sports, It is also easy to lose jewelry, so whether you wear sunscreen or not, it is not recommended to wear jewelry when exercising.

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