How to Wear Pendant Necklace

Helloice Men's Casual Cross Print Sleeveless Muscle Tank Top
Helloice Men’s Casual Cross Print Sleeveless Muscle Tank Top

The pendant necklace is currently a fashion item. But as you know, we still have a lot of friends waiting for the more specific instruction. Just like how to select and wear pendant necklaces to complement different outfits and body types. No worries. I will briefly tell you the key and give typical examples with a matching outfit.

What should we take into consideration?

That is a good question. It is not like the trait of a chain necklace which is easy to match. The cause chain necklace is more suit for daily wear. But a pendant necklace is too easy to plain or too much. Hence, we need to pay attention to some points. Three points: Choose the right length, layer it up, and match it with your outfit. Not so difficult, huh? Longer necklaces tend to elongate the torso, while shorter necklaces can draw attention to the face; layering will help you to create a layered effect that complements your outfit; Opt for pendants that contrast with or complement the color of your top to create a cohesive look.

Helloice Rotating "World Is Yours" Globe Pendant
Helloice Rotating “World Is Yours” Globe Pendant

More Details about matching the pendant necklace with the outfit

I have explored the right length before, and layering is an opportunity to show your taste. Therefore, I will focus on outfit matching.

V-Neckline: For tops with a V-neckline, choose a pendant necklace that matches the shape of the neckline. A simple one-stone pendant, a teardrop-shaped pendant, or a diamond pendant, can all be great choices to enhance the V-neckline.

Helloice Iced Rotatable Dark Magical Circle Pendant
Helloice Iced Rotatable Dark Magical Circle Pendant

Simple T-shirt: If you are wearing a simple t-shirt, a medium-sized pendant necklace on a unique design looks effortlessly stylish and adds interest to your casual outfit.

Helloice Kissing Fish Deformation Ring Pendant
Helloice Kissing Fish Deformation Ring Pendant

Collared shirt: For a collared shirt, consider a pendant necklace that is small and delicate. A tiny gold pendant or a dainty diamond pendant necklace are both perfect for this outfit style.

Iced Panther Pendant
Iced Panther Pendant

Casual outfits: For casual outfits, choose a simple and elegant pendant necklace in a style that you love, such as a charm necklace with a small pendant or a subtle initial necklace.

Helloice Men's snake lapel long sleeve printed shirt
Helloice Men’s snake lapel long-sleeve printed shirt 

In the end

In a nutshell, we also have a point to remind you about. If you choose a bright or bold outfit, you are supposed to opt for a simple and understated pendant necklace in a complementary color, while for a more subdued outfit, you’d better wear a bold statement pendant necklace that adds a pop of color.

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