What Kind of Music do You Like?

I think you must have heard this passage. “What kind of music a person listens to has something to do with his personality.” Wait, what I’m trying to say is. That’s fine if you agree with that statement. And if you don’t. Let’s explore it patiently. If this theory were true, it would be a crude interpretation: Introverts prefer soft songs; More extroverts prefer songs with a more upbeat rhythm. I wonder what kind of song will be your favorite? Maybe you could leave a comment at the end, and we can talk about it.

The Meaning of Music

Speaking of this, what does music mean to you? Is it just music? Or a kind of warm companionship? There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes, so there is no need to seek any particular answer. But just as we like the sea, the beach, and the sun. There should be no one who doesn’t like songs. Just like the saying, we should learn to shut up. Cause your words are not as beautiful as the song.

For me, it is like a portal that can take me anywhere, even back in time. Maybe you have the same experience. When you listen to a song, you immediately think about the atmosphere when you first heard it, your state, etc. We all know we’re nostalgic, but music also seems to have this amazing ability to hold a lot of our memories.

The connection between songs and individuals

Now it’s time to discuss whether the kind of song is related to the personality. I asked a lot of my friends about this. To some extent, we can look at it this way. Sensitive people are more likely to listen to nostalgic songs; Cool friends like hip-hop and rap music. Affectionate people like to listen to light music; Easy-going people prefer pop music. Of course, this kind of thing is like horoscopes. People who believe in horoscopes think it’s incredible, but people who don’t believe in horoscopes regard it as a waste of time.

Getting back to our topic, do introverts necessarily like the quiet songs? My answer is no. As for me, I am a relatively introverted person, but I like hip-hop music very much. In daily life, I prefer to wear some hip-hop jewelry. Cause it is super cool. But this does not affect my love for a symphony. So, like music, as long as it brings you positive energy, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you like.

In the end

The New Year is just around the corner. Are you ready? May you have someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to, and something to find your passion for in the New Year.

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