Does Snow Day is A Perfect Day for A Proposal

This morning, when I woke up. I brought a bottle of water standing in the window ad the usual time. Then I found that beautiful snow coming. Snowflakes lie on the floor, some of them flying in the sky or dancing on the tree. How romantic it is. This beautiful scene makes me drop into my mind and boosts the desire to write something. And I know this will be a wonderful way to answer the question from my girlfriend. She always asked me if a snow day or rainy day would be my preference.

The romantic atmosphere prompts unique memory

As we all know, we have four seasons in a year. I admit that each season has a different charm. But if you asked me which is the most romantic season? The answer must be winter. When snowflakes hung around people, my anxious mind dropped away. These cute little spirits make us feel peaceful as well as safe. Thus, Christmas day is one of my favorite festivals. Christmas Day with snow day is the best thing in the world.

Snowflake is in white, and you are my sunlight

Winter is not always snow days, but you are always my sunny day. I have imaged so many times, that I proposed to my girlfriend on a snow day. I know you may be confused why I am sticking to picking up a snow day. Cause she loves snow, and most importantly, we have met on a snow day. She wore a black coat walking on the street. I have to talk to my friends at that time, but I have noticed her. Then we step into the same coffee store and pick up the same drinking. At that time, I realized I needed to get her number. I will never forget that moment, she is just like the sunlight to shine on my life. The white snow is just like our pure love.

True love makes people feel warm, even on a snow day

When you meet love, you would never control what season it will be. But when you love someone, even in the cold winter, your heart is still warm. Therefore, if you want to express your love or propose to your beloved, don’t be limited to the season, don’t make your beloved wait too long, this is what a man should do. However, when it comes to romantic snow days, don’t forget to present a little gift to your loved one. Whether it’s a necklace or a bracelet. He will feel your sincere love for him. In the end, This is my answer, Lena. I love snow days, and I couldn’t wait to ask you will you marry me at the end of winter?

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