Top 10 interesting facts about hip hop jewelry

In the modern era, when things are changing so fast, hip hop jewelry is the only thing that remains the same and famous among people. No doubt changes occur within the fashion, but the base of the jewelry remains the same. In this blog, we are going to share some of the most shocking and unique facts about hip hop jewelry about them you will not be aware of.

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Top 10 interesting facts about hip hop jewelry

  • Hip-hop is one of the most widely used jewelry in the media.
  • Even passing 50 years of hip-hop jewelry fashion is still the same. Flashy hip hop jewelry always remains an integral part of hip hop fashion.
  • Although many changes occur in the hip hop style, the base of the jewelry always remains the same as the four-finger rings, chains, pendants. TheseĀ itemsĀ are mostly made up of platinum and gold. Everything symbolizes the rappers’ success.

  • Hip hop jewelry basically emerged after DJ Kool who is the father of hip hop. The African-American was considered inferior after the emergence of hip-hop, and the use of gold jewelry showed everyone they are successful.
  • At first, the chain was skinny rope-like but later in the 80s chain fashion started to change. The popularity of hip hop shift underground and street music to on-screen music, and it becomes a leading trend on social media.
  • Male rappers started to wear the large gold and platinum chains as a sign of fashion and mainly to represent their success.
  • The fun fact about hip hop jewelry is that everything starts to make bigger than normal jewelry. Like big chains and earrings. 4 finger rings take the place of a simple ring.
  • In the 1st and second decade of hip hop, the use of gold jewelry becomes an icon in hip-hop fashion. But this was not the end of fashion. After the gold jewelry, it turned into the use of platinum and diamond jewelry, and this trend gains more popularity. As the use of Diamond shows the success of a rapper and popularity among people.
  • Rappers also started to use Diamond for mouth grills, and that was an expression of their success.
  • In today hip-hop fashion rapper switches their style from rope chains to ice out in a diamond. Fashion turned into the use of large pendants, diamond studs, and iced-out watches.

All of these were a sign of how much they are successful. This is hip-hop fashion that has been in trend for the last 50 years and will be in trend in the next upcoming 50 years.

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