Is It acceptable For Men to Wear Make-up?  

Men always think cosmetic will destroy their masculinity. Actually, these days things have changed. Cause you may find out part of them are wearing make-up, too. Needless to say, they prefer light make-up. It will make them more energized. That is the magic of cosmetics. To make people more confident as well as joyful. Hence, it’s ok to wear make-up. No matter you are female or male. Then I would like to make a list of utility tips for men to be more handsome.  


The eyebrow is an essential part. Fortunately, our eyebrow is easier to care for. We have bushy eyebrows. What we could do is make them look like more clear, tidier. If you have light-colored eyebrows. Don’t be fret, you can use brow powder, or you have more skills let the eyebrow pencil help. Dark color eyebrows will make you look cool. Maybe you could get some help from your girlfriend. If you don’t have a girlfriend, mate, you need to complete it with your own hands!  

Lip Baim  

Lip Baim is our good friend. I saw a lot of friends have this bothering. Their lips are dry and cracked. It seems like their condition is not well. Not like women, red lips make them more lovely. All we need to do is keep our lips moist. By the way, you could pick up some lip Baim that kept a light color, nearly the color of your lips. It will give you a ruddy complexion.  

Facial care      

Facial care includes proper facial cleanser, emulsion, sunblock. Do not be surprised at this. Facial care is also a significant step.  Cause it can help you have healthy facial skin. If your skin is too dry, you could consider the mask. After applying the mask, your skin is smooth. It will be beneficial to the next step. Sunblock can help you block out harmful UV light. Uv rays will contribute to humans getting wrinkles and cause more harmful effects.   

Explore your style to wearing some jewelry  

Wearing jewelry is not necessarily because of fashion, but fashion is inseparable from jewelry. Except for make-up, another controversial topic is wearing jewelry. What I want to say is jewelry never really cared who it was on. Hence, we are supposed to stop worrying. Chains, bracelets, rings, earrings. These jewelry pieces will promote the fashion level just like the make-up did. Be yourself and do not care noisy about others. It is the secret of happiness. 


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