How to Wear Pendant Necklace

Helloice Men's Casual Cross Print Sleeveless Muscle Tank Top
Helloice Men’s Casual Cross Print Sleeveless Muscle Tank Top

The pendant necklace is currently a fashion item. But as you know, we still have a lot of friends waiting for the more specific instruction. Just like how to select and wear pendant necklaces to complement different outfits and body types. No worries. I will briefly tell you the key and give typical examples with a matching outfit.

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Why Should You Go to The Gym at Least One Time?

This topic I interested in for a long time. But I still choose to talk about it after one year passed by. Cause I prefer to make sure it is before I can say it. All of us could enter a gym maybe only with one time. Facts speak louder than words. And for now, I can say something with my truthful experience.

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There is No Gender for Hip-hop Jewelry

Have you paid attention to the 2023 Coachella Music Festival that just passed? I love it! Especially the Blackpink group. They are always stunning, whether it is through the live effect, their strength, or even their makeup. They are women full of power and charm, no matter whether on stage or in real life, they are all fascinating. I also pay attention to some of the jewelry they wear. Lisa is my favorite because she is outstanding, she shines on stage but is cute offstage, I really like her, and I even noticed that she often wears some hip-hop jewelry, which makes me feel closer to her.

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