The Spring Wearing Plan For Men

Open my laptop, I would like to add some products to my cart. Cause I have noticed that the spring has come. It’s time to arrange some new clothes for myself. To be honest, I am not the guy to spend a lot of money to buy clothes. But the spring sale is getting a start. It is supposed to have some discount to use. I suppose so. Then I’m going to share my spring-wearing plan with you.

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Does Snow Day is A Perfect Day for A Proposal

This morning, when I woke up. I brought a bottle of water standing in the window ad the usual time. Then I found that beautiful snow coming. Snowflakes lie on the floor, some of them flying in the sky or dancing on the tree. How romantic it is. This beautiful scene makes me drop into my mind and boosts the desire to write something. And I know this will be a wonderful way to answer the question from my girlfriend. She always asked me if a snow day or rainy day would be my preference.

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What Kind of Music do You Like?

I think you must have heard this passage. “What kind of music a person listens to has something to do with his personality.” Wait, what I’m trying to say is. That’s fine if you agree with that statement. And if you don’t. Let’s explore it patiently. If this theory were true, it would be a crude interpretation: Introverts prefer soft songs; More extroverts prefer songs with a more upbeat rhythm. I wonder what kind of song will be your favorite? Maybe you could leave a comment at the end, and we can talk about it.

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