Three Reasons for Go Shopping

What can be shopping reasons for you to pay the bills? I have to think about it a lot of time. And now I might have three answers. You know what? It is funny. And I am going to share it with you. More importantly, I would love to realize more interesting reasons made by people. If you have another shopping reason, please let me know.

It makes me feel I need it

This feel includes many originals. And I will divide it into two parts: from ourselves and others. For ourselves, we need to ensure some essentials to satisfy our lives for our own and our families. It can be called demands. Thus, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a perfect conclusion. Another aspect is what others have told me or impacted me to let me feel like I need it. For instance, I have been reminded by the internet, the supermarket, and sorts of advertising. They make me believe that I need it. Sometimes I can’t distinguish what I need from what I am told about their need. But I pay for it.

The sense of liking makes me want it

The second reason is funnier. If the first reason has difficulty to tell apart. This one is so simple. ‘People willing pay for what they passion to’. That is the truth. As for me, I may not shop for advertising or any promotion, even if I fan a superstar. But I will happily buy the product that I like it. No matter if it is expensive or useless. These days, I have watched Thor: Love and Thunder. Therefore, I am looking for fantastic Viking jewelry. And I am happy to pay for it. It makes me feel a sense of control and individual expression. I will choose one vintage Viking necklace, and I don’t care how people say it.

Viking Axe Stainless Steel Pendant
Viking Axe Stainless Steel Pendant

A weird Shopping Reason: No Reason

You may laugh at me when you read it here. ‘What? No reason can be a reason?’. Yeah, my answer is yes. Do you notice sometimes we do something without a special reason? ‘Thing just happened’ So natural. I have had many experiences and I have no reason to do this, but I follow my heart. It is more likely a voice from the bottle of your heart: Take it home. Haha. But I can’t just take it directly. Then I pay for it.

Helloice Vegvisir Axe Stainless Steel Ring
Helloice Vegvisir Axe Stainless Steel Ring

In a nutshell, I have listed three shopping reasons for myself. But I know it is more than that. Just let me know if you have more answers.


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