3 Best Leisure Choices for Romantic Autumn

“Autumn is a season of the result.” It’s an old saying when I was young. But I am not fancy Autumn days because Autumn always brings me a sense of sadness. However, my parents don’t think so. All of our crops are ripe. They have a lot to do, always in a joyous mood. After I become an adult, I felt that the most challenging time are more than Autumn. Hence, I don’t hate it anymore. I have learned how to enjoy life without the effect of seasons. These days are closer to Autumn, and these leisure choices are prepared for you.

Book and tea are always be prepared for fall days

This expression is not entirely correct. Book and tea never have the limitation about when they are more suit. But don’t you think they are a good match for Autumn? For instance, I would love to choose vodka instead of tea in summer. And reading books at a comfortable temperature will make me feel good. Heat waves are invaders of my brain. If you are more like stay at home, a book and tea can be your best friend. It will be better If you have a window that can enjoy the scene of fall leaves. I could read all day!

Enjoy some food with your friends

Not just like other seasons, Autumn is a season without a sweat. Cause it is more comfortable than Summer. Meanwhile, we don’t need to wear too many clothes in winter. Sometimes I will feel uncomfortable under the temperature difference indoors and outdoors. Autumn is so cozy and friendly to my outfits. Besides, my jewelry could keep me calm, too. Therefore, going outside to enjoy food with my friend is one of my favorite parts. And I never miss the photo session. I love to record my life.

Climbing mountains on a sunny day

Have you noticed that these leisure choices have a subtle connection? The first two are friendly to introverted friends. The last one is for people who love active entertainment. Climbing mountains with some friends or your family is a good option. Don’t forget to take a tent, after getting to the mountain top, find a place to camp together. For our safety, we would be better picked up on a sunny day. And enjoy your trip now.

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