Perfume | Subtle Method of Personality Showing

Last time, we talked about how jewelry could show our personality. Cause jewelry is a showcase of our taste. After that, I found there exist a lot of things that could express our personality besides jewelry. For instance,  perfume, our voice, and outfits can show our taste and personality. Hence, this time I would love to talk about perfumes.

A Brief Talk of Perfume

I have to tell you why I am interested in this. Honestly, I don’t know how to explain why a good smell brings me joy. But I think I know the reason now. As human beings, we are born to chase beautiful things. We feel good when we are close to wonderful things, whether we look at them, touch them, smell them, or taste them. People with a good smell will catch my attention even on the street. I bet you have heard a proverb before. “If you could smell a unique smell from a person who no wears perfume, it means your spirit has chosen him.” Therefore, the smell is a nice way to imagine one person.

The Classification of Perfume

According to different standards, we could divide it into different parts. Occasionally, we could divide it according to the concentration of essential oil and style of smell. According to the former, perfume includes parfums, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de cologne, and Eau fraiche. With the increase in the concentration of essential oil, the price and fragrance holding time becomes longer. The style of smell consists of fourteen styles. And we could call them four types. It contains floral, fresh, oriental, and woody. By the way, I do love the Aquatic collection. It made me remember water and the ocean.

How to Wear Perfume in a Right Way

We need to know how to wear perfume correctly. Firstly, please do not drop perfumes into your jewelry. It’s a secret place but also easy to damage our necklaces. Hence, avoid wearing perfume on your jewelry. The best way is to smear it on your body. Just like your wrist, cervical artery, and posterior auricular. The ankle and inner knee are also good places. These places have a higher temperature and are beneficial to Perfume volatilization.

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